A deadly warning was issued to the people of New Eltham. More noise, more litter more crime! A “young unruly element” was coming and they were going to cause “disorder and public nuisance” and “use our doorways as public toilets”.

There is one problem: None of it is true, and it’s caused a massive headache to the owner of the restaurant at the centre of the debacle.

A letter was delivered to a bunch of houses near Nico’s Restaurant in New Eltham, claiming the Greek eatery was set to become a nightclub and urging people to oppose the plans.

According to owner Nico Michalakis, it’s all based off someone who “can’t read the planning documents properly”.

Speaking to News Shopper, he said: “It’s complete nonsense and we are quite upset but what can we do about people putting the wrong stuff out.

“It’s ridiculous and I don’t know what to do, I’m not very good with Facebook or social media.

“People are ringing me asking is it true it’s being turned into a nightclub. No, it’s all just rumours.”

So what is the truth? Plans have been submitted to Greenwich Council that will turn the restaurant into a pub, but not for music past midnight.

Instead it has been bought out, stop serving Greek food, and will become Pope Street, a bar and restaurant run by the same people who run Tanyard Lane in Bexley.

In fact, as Nico points out, the new pub will not even be open as late and won’t run live music. Nico’s currently stays open until 1am while Pope Street will only open until 12.

Nico said: “Once they take over, we will be open on more days rather than just five days a week. At the moment it’s completely dead out here, it will be better for the area.”