Percy Pigs could soon face the axe in a bid to stop children binging on sugary snacks.

The Marks and Spencers treats with their little jelly ears could soon be wee wee weeing all the way home.

A recent report from The Sun suggested “licensed characters, cartoon character and celebrities” should no longer be used to promote junk food.

Percy Pigs were introduced to the World nearly 25 years ago and comes in lots of different flavours, there is even a vegetarian option, so everyone can enjoy them.

Jeremy Hunt, UK Health Secretary, is planning a review on all sugary treats, including the tax put on fizzy drinks that is currently being applied and how snacks are promoted.

This may not be the end for our favourite pig, they may be removed from shelves for a moment but they could reappear with a new design.

What do you think? Would you be devastated if we have to wave goodbye to Percy’s little trotters?