The Complex Engineering Behind A Great Shave

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German-engineered blades

Our ultra-sharp blades are engineered by industry veterans in Germany, who have have been honing their craft for decades.  They use Japanese steel, which is naturally so soft that you can actually bend it with your bare hands!

To modify this atomic structure and harden the steel, they expose it to drastic changes in temperature; high temperatures soften the atoms, making them more fluid, while ice-cold liquid nitrogen locks the structure down.

The blades need to be sharp, as well as tough, as facial hair is pretty hardy! Once the steel is hardened, the blade tips are ground at high speed using laser monitoring, into a point known as a gothic arch. This is the optimal shape for hair cutting as the base remains strong, whilst the cutting edge becomes ultra-sharp.

The blades are then given a protective layer that prevents micro-corrosion – we use diamond carbon electrons under high vacuum conditions. Imagine the Hadron Collider but at a much smaller scale! This step is what sets Cornerstone blades apart, as other blades are dipped in the coating instead, which rounds the cutting edges and blunts their sharpness.

British skincare products

All of our skincare products are formulated by experts in the UK, based on Cornerstone member feedback. They don’t contain parabens, micro beads, alcohol or soap, so they’re kind to your skin, as well as the planet.

Our shave gel is designed specifically to prevent razor burn and irritation, and includes eucalyptus oil for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains ginger extract, which helps avoid infections and calm any potential skin irritation.

If you prefer a little lather, our shave cream was formulated to foam with the addition of water, and is blended with willow bark and bamboo extract, to help condition and protect your skin against shaving irritation.

As for our pre-shave face scrub, we opted for a formula containing volcanic sand and cedarwood, which helps to exfoliate the skin, release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, and unblock pores for smoother and clearer skin.

Finally, our fragrant post-shave balm was put together using mint and honey extracts, which help to soothe and condition – for that ultimate ‘freshly-shaved’ feeling!

Try for yourself! 

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