Shaving Myths Debunked!

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Shaving makes beards grow back faster & darker

We’re not too sure where this old wives tale came from, but one explanation is that shaved hair is blunted, giving it the appearance of being slightly thicker. The first hair that grows back is also healthier than the longer hair you removed, which can also create that mystical illusion of thicker hair. The truth is that beard growth is determined by what’s on the inside – hormones and DNA. Not how often you shave.

Pressing hard on a razor gives you a better shave

It’s sometimes thought that pressing down your razor with all your might will give you the best shave ever – but it’s just a fast track to shaving cuts! Pressing down too hard will make for a tough, unpleasant shave – the best razors will slice through your stubble with minimal effort. Take it easy!

Repeatedly shaving one area gives the best shave

This is another to file under ‘Myths and Legends’! Shaving the same area repeatedly will simply cause irritation and razor burn – hardly the start to a great day. If you’re having to do multiple passes when shaving, it’s likely time for a new blade. Speaking of which…

New blades cause irritation

This is the Loch Ness Monster of shaving myths. If you have an all-important date, or client meeting, do not, we repeat, do not reach for you blunted old razor! Think of your blades like a chef’s knife – the sharper the razor, the cleaner the shave. Your old razor will do nothing but cause nicks, cuts and leave you with an uneven shave. 

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